There has never been a more wonderful modern day diva than the fabulous RuPaul and as she says,

"The world is your catwalk, so just remember this when you're out there."

I have always been a lover of clothes, shoes, handbags, everything fashion to be honest. However, I never felt that I was truly expressing my inner diva. There was always a little something missing, the pièce de résistance, that je ne sais quoi. Then one day a friend took me on trip to a wondrous fabric emporium and it took my breath away. This was what I had been looking for, this was my haven for my creativity.

Understanding that I needed to refresh my skills and learn a few more, I booked onto a few sewing course at the wondrous fabric emporium and thus my inner diva bloomed and flourished with thoughts and designs for all the beautiful creations just a stitch away.

From there on my love for sewing grew and here we come to today and my need to share this passion with fellow sewing enthusiasts.

I hope you enjoy my blog and hopefully I can inspire someone else to discover their creativity.

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