An Aladdin’s cave for fabric lovers

Have you ever been somewhere you instantly feel at home? That is what is it like at The Fabric Warehouse.

The Fabric Warehouse originally opened on 4th October 1982 with a young mans dream to create an Aladdin’s cave full of beautiful fabrics from floor to ceiling. 34 years later I believe that his dream has been well and truly achieved.

The moment you step through the doors you are greeted with the smiling faces of their staff and your eyes will widen in awe at the vast array of fabrics available for your perusal.

I first visited The Fabric Warehouse back in summer 2014 whilst helping a friend choose fabric for a skirt she was making. I was instantly made to feel welcome by the owner and manager, Stephanie and Serina. The rest of the team were equally as helpful and welcoming, it felt like chatting with old friends straight away.

The Fabric Warehouse have further branched into decorative interiors, this includes beautiful handmade blinds and drapes. The attention to detail in this bespoke service is second to none. You can see some of their beautiful work here. My personal favourite is the wonderful upholstered MDF pelmets fitted to bay windows.

Upholstered MDF pelmets to fit bay windows: Isn’t it gorgeous?!


Need an inspired headboard to make your bedroom a truly comforting place of rest? They will do it for you.

Love your furniture but want to give it a new lease of life? They have a full upholstery service to help reinvent your furniture.

So, why am I writing a review for The Fabric Warehouse? Is it just to wax pleasantries or do I have a point to make?

The Fabric Warehouse is where I rekindled the my passion for sewing. Prior to this my last sewing experience was GSCE Textiles back in 1999 and a horrific experience it was. I wanted to be able to make beautiful garments like my Grandma, a dream I thought was truly lost. Then I took my first sewing lesson at The Fabric Warehouse. The tutor is Patsy Pearson of Patsy Pearson Designs. Patsy is kind, friendly and exudes the glamour and sophistication of 1950s movie star. Patsy has immense patience, as needed when working with the likes of me who has many slow moments. These 2 aspects together helped me to truly rekindle my passion for sewing and advance my skillset.

EDIT: February 2017 – The Fabric Warehouse have recently started specialising in high-end dressmaking fabrics, such as Marvic fabrics. These are hard to source fabrics of impeccable quality. Just what every fabric stash needs.

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