Fall into beauty 

Fall is officially one of my favourite seasons. The changing of the leaves, the unpredictable weather and it’s socially acceptable to wear layers upon layers of beautiful fabric.

I’ve been thinking of getting my winter wardrobe ready and trying to decide what fabrics to make the most of. The English weather is unpredictable at the best of times, let alone in Autumn where you could easily experience all 4 seasons in one day. My thoughts have turned to soft knits, structured Ponte and funky tweeds. These are all fabrics you can layer up and will easily take you from day to night.

 My first inspiration came when I saw this beautiful 1930s capelet from Decades of Style. It gives the full drape of a cape but the bodice nips you at the waist, easily giving a sensuous silhouette. With fitted bottoms you will definitely want to get your wiggle on when you walk wearing this.

I am imagining this in a deep pink/raspberry Tweed, lined in bright cerise. I have a sewing course booked at The Fabric Warehouse, Cowley in October where I think I shall take on this challenge.

Speaking of getting your wiggle on, trousers are crucial for me in the colder weather as I have a sincere dislike of hosiery, making skirts and dresses unsuitable. To date I have made 1.75 pairs of trousers. A strange number I know. 1 successful pair, that I later decided did not really suit my protruding mommy tummy. Those red palazzo trousers went to charity. I then tested the waters with a pair of ‘boyfriend jeans’. Whilst very easy to put together, I was so excited by the whole prospect that I didn’t transfer my measurements and the pattern measurements correctly so unfortunately they didn’t fit, to be more exact, they wouldn’t go up further than half way up my thigh. These jeans are now sat in my unfinished pile missing their waistband and hems. But that was last year, this is a new year, a new season and I am determined to master a pair of trousers that I can actually wear.

I have always been quite inspired by Mimi Goodwin and her unapologetic love of her curves. She doesn’t hide them, as I find myself doing, conforming to what society says a young mom should look like.  Mimi is fairy sized (petite) but you wouldn’t think it when you see her work. She breaks all the rules, wearing wide leg trousers and floor-skimming dresses like she’s a 6ft catwalk model. She exudes confidence, beauty and elegance in everything she does, even when she’s discussing her fitness regime.  Mimi G’s creations are aimed at the fearless woman who loves herself and doesn’t mind everyone knowing it. With this in mind, I had a perusal of her current sewing patterns. I decided on 2 patterns that I could easily rotate to make part of a capsule fall wardrobe; Simplicity 1019 and Simplicity 8177.

simplicity-sportswear-pattern-1019-envelope-frontThe long-line tunic of 1019 is wonderfully simple, with minor detailing on the epaulets if you fancy adding some bling. The calf length version in particular caught my eye. I think this would give a lengthening effect and the side slits would be subtly sexy.

Now I have never been a huge fan of the legging trend but these trousers with their jean style pockets might just sway my opinion. The ankle zip detail is genius as it adds that touch that moves it from just casual to smart casual. Typical Mimi G.

simplicity-sportswear-pattern-8177-envelope-frontYou heard about my earlier disaster with palazzo style trousers, well I am hoping that the high waist of the ones in Simplicity 8177 will be much more forgiving. I am also hoping that as Mimi G is a fellow mom, she will have an understanding of the belly pooch and the clothing dramas this creates.

The wide-leg trousers paired with the long duster jacket has a wonderful lengthening effect on the silhouette. Not that I need it at 5ft 8in tall but a girl can use any help she can get.

The patterns have been ordered and delivered. I have also ordered my fabric (from myfabrics.co.uk). My colour choices have been inspired by my last Autumn visit to my home country, Canada and the beautiful changing of the leaves. It’s one of the many things I love about Autumn. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it, not that I am biased by any means of course.


As soon as my fabric is delivered I will get to sewing and show you the results, good or bad, I promise.

Do you have any Autumn outfits planned? I would love to see and hear about them.


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