Floral Skulls: Simplicity Lisette 1419

When people hear ‘skull print’ in reference to fabric hey tend to think of scary goth or emo vibes, with memories of ill fitting Halloween costumes. With this make I was determined to break that train of thought. 

I found the perfect fabric at my favourite hideaway, The Fabric Warehouse and a sweet pattern to showcase it. 

Pattern Name: Simplicity Lisette 1419

Pattern Description: A cute, unlined dress, with sleeveless or short sleeve options, a sweet Peter Pan collar or no collar. There is also a coordinating jacket. The dress is slightly fitted in the bodice with a softly pleated full skirt.  The jacket is a boxy bolero with a tuxedo collar. 

Size Range: up to a 24 (46-39-48)

I decided to test the waters with this dress at a posh dinner with a close friend, soon to be bride and my fellow soon to be bridesmaids. How did they react? Well the girls absolutely loved it. Lots of “Oh that’s a nice dress” and “Wow that looks great on you”. Followed by the inevitable question of “Where did you get it from?” The best feeling in the world is then telling someone that you made it yourself. I even had compliments from strangers.

My favourite things about this dress is the button detail and the pockets. The button is almost like a necklace, if you find a beautiful unique button you don’t need to then worry about a necklace. I wimped out a tiny bit with mine, using a small skull button, but I am on the lookout for a more statement making piece for future makes. Oh and who doesn’t love pockets? I have no desire to ruin the line of my made with love dress, however there are times when you just need something to do with yours hands. Hello Pockets! In this dress pattern they are sleek and do not add bulk to the hips. 

About a year later when wearing it to work, yes this is a multitasking dress taking me from day to night with just a change of footwear. Many people didn’t even notice the skulls until they were up close, they just thought they were red and white flowers. As much as I love the skulls and that’s what initially drew me to the fabric and why I chose a fairly simple pattern, I am also grateful for their subtleness as it doesn’t then draw away from the beauty of the dress itself. 

Size range:  8/10 – There is a wide range I feel on this pattern and it would be very easy to grade up if needed. The only changes I had to make was to the width of the sleeve and the skirt length (added 2″ to both) but that’s the side effect of chunky and long limbs. 

Instructions: 8/10 – I made this dress early on in my return to the sewing community, so I was still getting to grips with the terminology.  I found this incredibly easy to follow, my only stumbling block being the loop on the collar, however slowing down and taking it step by step rectified this issue pretty quickly. Note to self: must learn to actually read instructions, not scan. 

Construction process: 9/10 – Clear and easy to follow. Very methodical in a way that you can easily see your make coming together and start imagining what the final product will look like. 

Final fit: 10/10 – The fit of the dress is spot on. Fitted enough that I felt streamlined but not so much that I felt my lumpy bits were on show. The bodice fits beautifully. I usually have issues with high necks over my full bust but the cut of this bodice and the notch neck giving a discreet v-neck impression eliminates this. The skirt flows and swirls wonderfully. I think this would look wonderful with a petticoat underneath also. 

Overall Rating: 9/10 This dress was a joy to make and so very easy. I felt very feminine wearing it, but without losing my diva edge. Thank you floral skulls print fabric. Once I find my statement button I will be making a Peter Pan collar version straight away. 

2 thoughts on “Floral Skulls: Simplicity Lisette 1419

  1. The dress is amazing and you rock it with an awesome flair. I can remember seeing you wear it for the first time, and being so wowed that you had made it yourself. thanks for sharing your passion with us.

    Liked by 1 person

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